About Us

Coming from a technical background should be the minimum requirement. Most agencies tend to oversee this and rely on tools they have no control on.
We think that learning is better than teaching. We learn with you the best way to reach your goals.

Who we are

We are data-driven professionals, keen to learn, eager to automate and find values that integrate seamlessly into your business. We follow the steps where there are no shortcuts.

Our mission

Finding the right questions to your answers. European mindset, Middle-East experience.

Our origins

Web and mobile development, networking and robotics. We keep our successes close and our mistakes closer, adding value to our deeds.

What we do

Find solutions through evidence-based reasoning. No matter the business, no matter the niche.
From big data analytics to machine learning, we've been involved in artificial intelligence projects, facial recognition, video stream datapoint and crowd monitoring. The sky was the limit. Until we entered the UAV market. Then, open space becomes our ceiling.


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