The Platform's content and sitemap


Our homepage is clean, with spaced elements throughout the whole length and width of the page. We include the main section of the portal, a call to action for potential vendors, and a lower section with a dynamic message to present the platform to users that lands for the first time. There are specific sections in dedicated areas for paid advertising. 
The main focus of the homepage is the search bar, a unique tool that allows users to find what they need in the fewest clicks possible. This is placed at the top, just below the header.


The main page we will focus on is the search result. It needs to showcase the contents, order the result by relevance according to the user selection from the search bar, and it will include the paid ads dynamically. 
A sidebar will be necessary to keep the filter handy and allow users to refine the search.
The Footer (or header) of the page will be used to list all or related categories.


This page has the same structure as the search page, with an active filter for the main/sub-category.


This page collects all info and useful information for the users. They can find basic answer as well as some hint for selling on the platform.


This page collects all the "store", it's the page where agencies and official vendors have their profile listed.


This page contains the guidelines for users, privacy, terms, regulations, and so on... there should be also a contact form listed in here.


User profile, where the user can manage personal and payment info, data, saved items, published ads, and preferences of his/her account.


This page has a standard interface to upload content. Security on this kind of page is definitely high-risk, and it should be paid the correct amount of care and attention. 

Relax, all of our websites are 'Responsive'.
Computer, Tablet or Phone - it will look great!


Where are we going and how?