Building a system from scratch, using WordPress as a CMS base, with necessary plugin integrations and additional custom code where required. The website is the main asset of the startup.

Proposed solution

We are trying to give the full spectrum of possibilities and bring our experience into the picture. The proposal is based on pre-analysis and can change before the official start. We want to obtain an MVP (minimum value product) while keeping budget and risks controllable in the foreseeable future.


Launching a new platform within a reasonable timeframe, sacrificing automation and resources for usability and customer trust. The main goal is to develop the platform by high-quality standards without missing the set deadlines. The platform aims to be a good-looking alternative to the existing offer in the market. We need to beat them over the user experience.

We want to make the e-commerce experience better in the Balcans.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

– someone said that, was probably a sports player or coach...

Anyway, we code so we need to cooperate, no matter what.


How long will it take to make all this?