Executive Summary

In today's frenetic world, we are used (if not trained) to online platforms. Social media, online store, travel booking, you name it. Jean approached us with a project idea, born from this same observation and other elements he faced during his time working in Albania.

It seems that there's a lack of service - or, more specifically, - there isn't a well-designed solution in the Balcan region for the digital ads-board marketplace. The two main players in the local area clearly need a drastic restyle and a very good design consultant.
Therefore, the main idea is to replicate existing services, mindfully prioritizing the user experience with a clean, more modern look.

The platform will serve initially the state of Albania (EU) and will be catered for Albanian and Italian speakers.
The purpose of the platform is to collect user-generated content for advertising commercial activities on products and services. More specifically we listed:

  • buy/sell ads
  • recruiting ads
  • housing/real estate ads
  • and some more to follow


Monetizing the platform is the easy step: paid ads can be placed by the users, different packages are offered with a monthly option for premium access to increase the number of ads (among other perks).

The initial analysis aims to explore CMS-based solutions and build a proposal to evaluate timing and budget.


This proposal is shared under a mutual interest and none of the content is available for any use before the actual agreement. 


Let's look at the content and any other tools worth mentioning, shall we?